Arkansas Driver's Education

Are you a first-time driver in Arkansas? Safety is important, which is why the state has put laws into place regarding driver education. Prepare yourself for a drivers license with courses designed to instruct you on the rules of the road. Select from the options below to get started. 

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Drivers Education in Arkansas

It is highly recommended that every new driver read the Arkansas drivers handbook, even if they do not take a driver’s education class.

Arkansas Drivers Ed Classes

The Arkansas state police are responsible for administering drivers license examinations. They do not offer a driver’s education class, but there are many privately run schools that do offer Arkansas drivers ed programs. For more information on these programs, visit the website of the Department of Workforce Education

Arkansas Drivers Ed Testing

The highway patrol troop commander maintains a schedule of driver’s license testing in each county.  Check their website for locations and office hours. They also have driver’s education study guides available to help the driver study before taking the test. It is advisable to take a practice test and generate the necessary forms prior to testing.  

Driver Ed Training Classes
Drivers who have not yet received an Arkansas learner’s permit can take the classroom part of a drivers education class but cannot do behind the wheel training. Once they have received their learner’s permit, they can complete the behind the wheel training.

For any Arkansas drivers education program, the individual should make sure they receive at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training. Six hours as a passenger observing another driver is also highly recommended to receive the full benefit of the class.

Arkansas Drivers Ed Required Training Elements
The Arkansas drivers education program that the individual chooses should cover these topics:

  • Safety
  • Equipment
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Alcohol and drug awareness
  • All laws, rules and regulations covered in the drivers manual

Find out how to get your Arkansas Learners Permit here.


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